Creating A Cohesive Design Across Your Home

by Free Space Intent on September 10, 2012

Interior designing is all about getting the right look and feel for your home. While each room may have its unique design demands, it is necessary to ensure an overall cohesive feel in the design across the home. Essentially, the various design elements should complement one another to produce a harmonious picture.

 In our sample home today, there is an uninterrupted flow of space between the main living room, and the dining room-cum-bar, and an informal family/TV room.

The designer has used different elements like color, pattern and light across this space, but they are bound by a common theme, either contrast or semblance to produce an overall aesthetic and elegant home.

Plain and Pattern Contrast

aura of elegance

At one end, the wall is plain while the other is patterned. The contrast is further enhanced by a light color for the plain wall and darker shades for the patterns. The large size and magnificent art piece on the plain wall draws attention and re-emphasizes the contrast to create an aura of elegance. Note that the lights at the centre focusing on the plain wall are brighter than the darker lights on the patterned wall.

Maintaining Continuity with Contrasts

floors with contrasting white

Moving on to the dining space the dark brown floor color from the living room (from the space continuous with dining room) moves up to the ceiling, while the floors here get a contrasting white. Once again, the suitably illuminated serene Buddha art piece, literally glows, transmitting the serene environment into this space.

Now a Dash of Colour as You Enter the Fun Place

living room with patterned wall

Moving further, you enter into the fun family/TV viewing room. The burst of color here with the patterned wall and purple sofa completely transforms the personality of the room from what it was barely a few steps away. Yet the overall effect is not disjointed because the light brown finish maintains the continuity right across the length of the opposite wall. Now this is ‘design genius’.

mini bar besides living area

The bar sits in a (comparatively) narrow space, marking the beginning of the fun zone and the end of the serene zone. Powerful lights at the top draw attention to the bar’s unique position and of course its contents.

Lighting Contrast makes its Impact

living area with cove light

Now we have reached the other end of the room, brightly illuminated with cove lighting. And the French windows that allow natural light to enter, add further to the ‘bright’ effect. But the elegant effect is achieved because of the lighting contrast that goes from ‘close-to-dark’ at one end to ultra bright across the room.

Stylish and Elegant Effect with Contrasts, Maintaining Cohesiveness

bedroom with mixture of red and black

The bedroom here focuses on two contrasting colors to achieve its sophistication – red and black. But what stands out is the blue in the wall opposite the bed. And when you connect this blue to the sofa set in the TV room (it may not be exact match, but there is likeness that creates an association, which is the aim, anyway), the designer has succeeded in his aim of creating a cohesive design for the home.



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